It's Nothing Serious Just Life

by Lester Greenowski

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released September 22, 2014



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Lester Greenowski Italy

It's Nothing Serious Just Life

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Track Name: Trail Of Graffiti
Fade out slipping away through the crowd
No doubt something did not work out

I took a bite from the forbidden tree
I needed to know what was like to be me
I tell you it tasted like falling fro grace

Cmon Cmon
Got lost in the city
Cmon Cmon
On a trail of graffiti
Cmon Cmon
Far off the track
Yellow brick road has been painted black

Is it me ? Maybe am i too naive?
You see, I wear my heart on my sleeve

I won't play a part just to fit in
I'd rather be me and take it on the chin
Don't need to retrace or to find my place
Track Name: Pussy Galore
I love you Pussy Galore
I love you when you fly your jet plane
I love you when you wake up Mr.Bond

I love you Pussy Galore
I love you when you cheat Goldfinger
I love you when you get down in the barn
Track Name: Such A Shame
You wish I was the one ment for you
You said you do
You wish a love where everything is in control
No not at all

You really wish I was the one you need
You can restrain
You really wish I was the one you need
That brings no troubles that brings no pain

Isn't it such a shame?
(It's such a shame!)
Isn't it such a shame?
(It's such a shame!)
Isn't it such a shame?
You wish I was the one... The one to blame.

You wish I told what you wanted to ear
Would be a lie
You wish I told you I'll always be near
By your side
Track Name: Angela (A Space Odyssey)
She fell from the sky
On the naked eye
She looked like me and you but she was better
Dressed up in fathers and silver suit

She rode a time machine
Astro queen
Travelled through black holes and supernovas
Was undercover on planet earth

Oh no! The time has come fo me to pay my dues
I've always know that I was born to lose

Angela, my sweet Angela
Wanted me

She switched her transpot beam
In an instant gleam
We vanished in the wind a sudden time slip
To reach her space ship where I'll be judged

Oh no! I got a laser gun against head
She pulled the trigger but I wasn't dead

Since she hit me with the ray of love
She's the only one I can think of
Lost in space thousands miles above
Track Name: It's Gonna Be Wrong
Bitchin' since the day you're born
Even when you're all alone
Don't like this don't like that
I curse the day that we have meet
Is it ever gonna be right?

It gonna be wrong !
Inside outside upside downside
Track Name: Electric Blue
We don't care if this is right
but it's happening

We don't really give a bite
but it's happening

It's like a rollercoaster ride
With your safety belt untied

Electric Blue

It's a one way ride to Babel
but it's happening

On mission for the Devil
but it's happening

It's a full blown heart attack
And there ain't no coming back
Track Name: Little Lovechild
Little lovechid
she hides in the dark
Little lovechid
she's falling apart

Big city light
Dark lonley nights
Little lovechid
She's to weak to fight

Little lovechild is lost
Little lovechid is found
Little lovechid is gone
Little lovechid

Little lovechid
looks so bizarre
Little love chid
Lays on top of a car

Crashed to the ground
Without making a sound
Little lovechid
Has not fallen down
Track Name: Beautiful
I call it passion
You wanted love
For there are things that last forever darling
And there are things that simply don't

Why can't we just stay beautiful?

Down on your kness
You love, you lose, you fall and then
You cry, you hate, you stand again

Why all these raindrops
Taste like they're tears
For all the things that made you solid honey
Suddenly turn to dreadful fears

Why can't we just stay beautiful?

Down on your kness
You love, you lose, you fall and then
You cry, you hate, you stand again
Track Name: Say Bye Bye
Monkey see, monkey do
It's you

Act your part, learn by art
It's you

I thought you were my friend
Don't look for me again

Bye bye say bye bye
no one will miss you

Hold your arms for her charms
It's you

Stepping stool, april fool
It's you
Track Name: Carrie Nation
Hides in public places but she's always there
Take a look around you'll find her everywhere
Change my frown in smile and light up my face
She's the only one to keep myself in pace

Sweet Carrie Nation, she's a sensation

Puts me on a rocket off to outer space
Turns me into the master of the human race
She is my companion and she is my best friend
Gonna be the reason of my early end

Sweet Carrie Nation, she's a sensation
Track Name: This Goes Out To You
Oh yes, I'm thinking about you tonight
Oh yes, you told me you got wrong that's right

So I pick up my guitar and play
I try to sing this blues away
But looks like nothing I can say can make you change your mind

(Na na na)

This goes out to you
Track Name: Ritalin Baby
She drinks she pukes she's never sober
She takes her meds than starts all over
She's alway high my junkee lover
I wouldn't change her with another

Ritalin Baby

She likes to put the blame on mom
That popped her pills to keep her calm
That's where she growed her appetite
for everything that isn't right
Track Name: I Wish I've Never Knew You
I didn't know you,
I wish I've never knew you
Track Name: Bittersweet
Jimmy stumbled in a fight
feel on someone's swithblade knife

Catherina killed the pain
With a spoon on the floor and a needle in her vain

A thousand light years and a million tears ago
Could be yesterday nothing more to say
I Know

They're all long gone, and there's not a single thing I can do
It's like a bitterweet deja-vu before my eyes
The same old song color0's grey and I'm feeling blue
It's like a bitterweet deja-vu before my eyes
No more alibis

Mick and Tony they got shot,
They were messin' around right where they should not